Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Importer™ Tool for Event Archiver® Released

One of the more challenging things about log management is trying to collect the vast amount of data that is generated in multi-site networks over limited bandwidth links.

To that end, we have developed a companion tool to our Event Archiver® software - the Importer™ tool for Event Archiver.

Basically, you can instruct all of your various Event Archiver installations to send compressed sets of log data in EVT/EVTX and comma-delimited formats to a computer running the Importer utility. You can use Microsoft Windows file shares or FTP to transport the compressed log file pairs as needed.

Once received, the Importer utility can decompress the log data and automatically import it into a central Microsoft SQL or Oracle database for analysis by our Event Analyst® software.

If you want to deploy a log management solution, but are struggling with the concept of consolidating your data over limited bandwidth pipes, this tool is the answer. It's also a better system than having to deploy an agent to every computer on your network; using the Importer system, you typically only need to deploy one instance of Event Archiver to each local network / branch office.

As far as bandwidth considerations go, by transmitting the data in compressed form, the bandwidth necessary is only 7 to 10% that of the uncompressed log files. We have clients who have successfully used this solution over satellite links, so it has been proven in the field.

For more information on the Importer utility for Event Archiver, including licensing costs, please visit http://www.doriansoft.com/importer