Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vista-Compatible Release of Event Archiver is Here!

As promised, we released version 7.0 of Event Archiver yesterday. Event Archiver 7.0 is the first of our log management titles to support Microsoft Windows Vista™ and the new EVTX log format. However, Event Archiver 7.0 is more than just "compatible" with Windows Vista, as it also introduces some very cool abilities our marketing department refers to as LogRefiner™ technology.

Specifically, the biggest LogRefiner™ technology accomplishment is that downlevel EVT files from previous Microsoft Windows® versions get processed correctly when Event Archiver is running on Windows Vista, which the built-in Event Viewer on Vista cannot do properly. Beyond that, it encompasses numerous other features, such as consolidating fields in EVTX files, appropriately categorizing security events as Success Audits and Failure Audits, and placing user information from a Security EVTX file back in the User field. You can read all of the features here:

As far as we know, we're the first log management ISV to offer this level of dual EVT/EVTX file processing technology. But, we've also been in the market since 1997, so pioneering new log management techniques is nothing new to us! .

On top of the Windows Vista features, we also added MD5 cryptographic hashing of archived log files and a Working Directory feature for local processing of remote log files.

Needless to say, this is a huge accomplishment that we're very proud of. Now, it's back to the skunkworks to get our other log management titles working with Vista.

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