Friday, November 2, 2007

Event Analyst Works With EVT and EVTX Files, Side-By-Side!

Greetings, gentle readers. It's been a while since our last blog post, but that's because we've been slaving on the Version 6 release of Event Analyst. And what a fantastic release it is!

Just like our Event Archiver release of a few months ago, this version of Event Analyst is completely Microsoft Vista™ compatible, and features our revolutionary LogRefiner™ technology. You can download it here:

We've already mentioned in a bunch of posts that trying to read saved, legacy EVT files on Windows Vista is quite a chore, with missing fields and information being quite common. In fact, a recent blog posting from the Performance Team at Microsoft shows you how to perform a whole bunch of contortions in an attempt to convert an EVT file to an EVTX file, with of course there being no guarantee that the converted log will parse properly when you attempt to read it.

Well here's the good news. Thanks to our pioneering LogRefiner™ technology, you can work with EVT and EVTX files natively and side-by-side when Event Analyst is installed to a Microsoft Vista computer. No weird conversions or intermediate steps are necessary, and you get all the data parsed correctly from both log formats the first time. For those admins who are attempting to run Windows Vista on their workstations, this is a big plus because now you can use Event Analyst as your preferred log reader/analysis tool/reporting tool for all of your systems and your saved EVT log files. You no longer need to convert EVT files or juggle both the Microsoft Classic Event Viewer and the new Vista Event Viewer when switching back and forth between EVT and EVTX files.

Here's a screenshot of both an EVT and EVTX log being viewed within Event Analyst 6 at the same time:

Again, bear in mind that this technology lets you work with active AND saved EVT files from your older operating systems all natively inside Vista. It's very cool stuff.

We'll have more information for you on this technology soon, including a very nice licensing promotion, so please stay tuned.

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