Monday, August 4, 2008

Why Your HR Department Will Love Windows Vista, Even If Your IT Department Doesn't.

We're back, gentle readers, with a delicious posting about two new Event IDs available in the Microsoft Windows Vista™ Security Log: Event ID 4802 and Event ID 4803.

Event ID 4802 tracks whenever the screensaver is invoked after a group policy-determined idle time.

Event ID 4803 tracks whenever the screensaver is dismissed by the logged-on user.

Using our versatile Event Analyst® reporting utility, it's easy to create a custom report to track the productivity of your staff.

Here's an example of said report, grouped by user and then sorted chronologically.

In this example, MarkW's screensaver kicked in at 3:04:10 PM and then was dismissed at 3:30:00 PM. Later, the screensaver came back on at 3:45 PM. If your company mandates a given idle time before the screensaver is launched on all desktops via Group Policy, it's easy to calculate the total idle time by adding that number to the period in between Event ID 4802 and Event ID 4803.

For maximum reporting capabilities, consider using our Event Archiver® log collection tool to bring your Microsoft Vista workstation security log data into a central database on a routine basis. Then, link Event Analyst up to said database table, build said custom report, and impress your HR department! Both of these tools are Microsoft Vista and Windows Server® 2008 ready, so have at it.

Finally, we do have a current promotion on Event Archiver, Event Analyst, and Fortress Desktop™ workstation licenses when purchased together. For more details, review our Promotions page for more details.

FYI - For those organizations not running Windows Vista yet, you can still obtain information about screen saver run times by using our Fortress Desktop utility, and then create a similar report in Event Analyst.

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